National Yang Ming University



Outreaches in schools and communities

‧ NYMU promotion:

Presentation on Schoolsday1
Presentation on Schoolsday 2

On May 15 2013, we had a presentation in front of all of the schoolmates and faculty to preach the iGEM ideas. After the new semester began, we also went to several departments to share our experiences with the newcomers.

Promotion at Medical Technology department of NYMU
Sharing ideas with students of Life Science department at NYMU

We also shared our ideas with freshmen in each departments after the new semester began.

‧ Taipei American School Outreach:


On August 27 2013, We went to Taipei American School in Tienmu to give out our leaflets, inviting the high school students to join us. We thought that though high school students may not be as learned as graduate students and that it is a good chance to inspire them by doing iGEM. It was a happy occasion and some of them were inspired, so they finally decide to found an iGEM team for high school student next year through our assistance.

‧ Participation in the biomedical conference

NYMU BiomedicalConference.JPG

We knew that it was not enough if we confined ourselves by sharing the ideas only to students, so we headed for the biomedical conference to make people notice our project. We visited almost every company participating in the conference, portraying our dreams about synthetic biology and asking for their suggestions. Luckily, lots of knowledgeable biomedical mechanist were fascinated by our ideas and promised us aid if we are in need.

‧ Interaction with other iGEM teams

The Certificate of Appreciation
Each Team's introduction
Collaboration with SJTU

After doing lots of experiments, we came in a plateau where everything seemed to pause. We then decided to attend the conference held by NCTU (August 4-7 2013) to exchange our thoughts and gain different viewpoints from other iGEM teams. We found out the bugs when we were giving out our presentation and made up for them afterwards. We will also participate in the warm-up competition held by NTU on 29th of September 2013.

‧ Online Model United Nations:

There are CCD problems around the world thus we attended the international debate conference to spread the concepts of CCD and also raised peoples’ awareness of this issue.

‧ Promotion On the Internet

To provide an easier access to iGEM for general audience, we have built up our FB and wiki community Pages ,and also have our QR code stickers that can allow people contact us!

We handed out QR code stickers to others
Sharing our ideas online!!

Welcome to visit us=D