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Detect Figure 1: Detection and reporting of an antibiotic resistance gene with a CRISPR/Cas system

Detect Figure 2: Producer strain containing a helper plasmid for M13 and the phagemid plasmid with the sensor elements.

Detect Figure 3: Capsid protein production, phagemid plasmid packaging into the capsid proteins and phagemid release into the media.

Detect Figure 4: Collection of phagemids in the media.

Detect Figure 6: Release of the phagemid plasmid into the cell.

Detect Figure 8: Hybridization of crRNA and tracrRNA, fusion with Cas9.

Figure 10: Site-specific cut of Cas9 in the kanamycin resistance gene. Due to double strand break activation of the pRECA SOS response promoter.>

Detect Figure 12: Cells turn blue.>

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