Team:Paris Saclay/Attributions


Each team must clearly attribute work done by the team on this page. They must distinguish work done by the team from work done by others, including the host labs, advisors, instructors, graduate students, and postgraduate masters students.


Work done by graduate Students of the team



Eric and Sheng : project's bibliography

Abdou, Anaïs and Zhou : experiments during july (cf. the notebook)

Damir, Nadia, Xavier, Anaïs and Xiaojing : experiments during august (cf the notebook)

Supervised by Solenne, Thao Nguyên, Sylvie and Philippe

Human Practice

Eric, Damir, Zhou, Gabriel and Anaïs : presentation of an aspect of the open source

Caroline : Organisation of the Human Practice meetings, writing of the MCE and vivagora articles, writing of the project poll, organisation of the visit of the Parisian sewers, writing of the interview of Ellen Jorgensen (with Nadia), intervention during the cinésciences, organisation of the meeting with Evry,

Nadia : Writing of the interview of Ellen Jorgensen (with Caroline), making of the video for Copenhagen

Xavier: Transcription of the interview of Ellen Jorgensen, intervention during the cinéscience, writing of the article for Le Point.

Supervised by Solenne for the visite of the sewers, Sylvie for the interview of Ellen Jorgensen and Thao Nguyên and Philippe for the meeting with the Evry team.


Damir, Caroline, Nima, Anaïs : Sending of 500 emails

Nadia, Anaïs, Xavier : monitoring

Supervised by Solenne


Damir : Conception of the wiki

Redaction : All the team !

Supervised by all the advisors


Caroline : mailing newspapers : Le Point Etudiants, Vivagora, MCE; contacting for the water treatment plant, sewers, mailing Bettencourt and Evry's teams to organize a meeting, mailing Ellen Jergensen and biohackers, conception of a part of the poster, mailing to participate to the Cinésciences.

Facebook : All the Team !


Damir : conception of the PCR machine, conception of the FNR program.

Zhou : conception of the FNR program

Supervised by Claire

People who helped the team


Nima, Gabriel, Pierre-Louis, Jean-Rémy, caption caption caption caption

Pierre-Yves, Cyprien , Andy

Other Financial and Material supports:

A special thank to all the Electrolab team for helping us and in particular Damir in the realisation of the Open Source PCR "PS-PCR"


Reflection help:

caption‎ Annick Jack for her help about reflection on Synthetic Biology, ethics problems and PCB buster.

Modeling Help :

Patrick Amar

Article written by Caroline