Team:Paris Saclay/Sponsors


Our sponsors

Our main sponsors

We are happy to represent the University of Paris-Sud at the iGEM Competition; it would not be possible without their financial support.

Thank you very much to the Institute of Genetic and Microbiology of Orsay for providing a totally equipped laboratory, a meeting room, instructors, advisers and a the financial support.


We would like to say a great thanks to our other sponsors :



Students who helped us:

Nima, Gabriel, Pierre-Louis, Jean-Rémy, caption caption caption caption

Pierre-Yves, Cyprien , Andy

Other Financial and Material supports:

People of the fund-raising for their financial help.

Special thanks to Nicolas Bayan from IBBMC institute for the enzymes and to Suzanne Sommer from IGM Institute for DNA purification & extraction kits.

A special thank to all the Electrolab team for helping us and in particular Damir in the realisation of the Open Source PCR "PsPCR"


Reflection help:

caption‎ Annick Jack for her help about reflection on Synthetic Biology, ethics problems and PCB buster.

Modeling Help:

Patrick Amar

Thank you very much, without all our sponsors and helping people, our adventure would not have been the same!

Article written by Caroline