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PS-PCR : The Paris-Saclay Open Source PCR thermal cycler


PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a very useful procedure in the field of synthetic biology. However, this technique requires a device called a thermal cycler, which is designed to cycle the samples through different temperature steps. Commercial PCR thermal cyclers are traditionally very expensive, with prices starting at $2000, which makes them hard to afford for small labs and DIY projects.

This project aims at creating a thermal cycler for under 30€ with easily accessible parts.

See the detailed description

Our first prototype

It works !

Scaling and distribution opportunities

This first version of the PS-PCR can be easily manufactured for use by iGEM teams and researchers. By checking the BOM one can deduce that the system is easily scalable.

Moreover, one of our members is currently working with a group to build a highly improved and feature-rich version of this device, which may be available at low cost soon.


Thanks to Cyprien and Pierre-Yves for their help with calibration, machining and software. Thanks to the people from the Electrolab hackerspace.

PS-PCR design at the Electrolab, with a former iGEM-er (look at his tee-shirt)

Brick of knowledge