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XylS is a sigma70-dependent transcriptional factor, which may activate Pm promoter when benzoate acid and its homologous compounds’ binding. We constructed constitutive promoter Pc library to tune its performance. Adaptor of this biosensor can also improve the detection efficiency.
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HbpR is a sigma54-dependent transcriptional factor, which may activate its promoter when 2-Hydroxybiphenol and 2-aminobiphenol’s binding. Tuning Pc constitutive promoter was insufficient for this biosensor, so the RBS library before reporter gene was constructed and remarkably improved the performance.
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NahF is the salicylaldehyde dehydrogenase to transform salicylaldehyde into salicylic acid (salicylate) using NAD+. We tested NahF in E.coli and it showed that the NahF can work as an adaptor for biosensor NahR, meaning that NahF notably improve the performance and range of detection.
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Hybrid Promoter
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The hybrid promoter is constructed for the band-pass filter. A band-pass filter can be theoretically summarized as an incoherent feed forward loop, consisted of a positive loop and a negative loop. As for the reporter node, a special promoter is used so that the reporter should be controlled by the activator and inhibitor at the same time.
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BBa_K1031610 is upgraded from previous part BBa_J61051 designed by Arkin Lab. NahR is a 34 kDa transcription factor mined from Pseudomonas putida which binds to nah and sal promoters to activate transcription in response to the inducer salicylate. We constructed a Psal/NahR biosensor circuit using sfGFP as reporter gene. Adaptor of this biosensor not only improves detection efficiency but also expands detection profile.
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