Human Practice Overview

We know about the great importance of communication in science and the big role it plays in the fate of new technologies. Therefore we set out to collect lots of valuable feedback, to share our ideas and to inspire new perspectives. On this page you can read about our efforts to interact with experts and get in touch with the public. We learned a lot from the experts and they encouraged us to further improve our project. We also hope that we arouse the public interest in synthetic biology as its importance is likely to rise over the next years.

Expert Counsel

We traveled Germany seeking advice from professors, talking to experts from biotechnologic companies, meeting with professionals at several conferences to talk about our project and getting in touch with other iGEM teams.
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GMO Release

We analyzed the risks and benefits of our project and collected background information about the current legal situation and ethical aspects.
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We presented our project to the public, got into the public discussion on genetic engineering in Germany and were covered in the media.
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Educational Kit

We also created educational kits for teachers to conduct a basic biotechnological experiment with their students.
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We would like to share the experiences we made and pass on the solutions and skills we generated this summer with the iGEM community, so we created a couple of useful tutorials for the following iGEM generations.
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