Standardized Annotation of Protein-encoding BioBricks

A central idea of iGEM and BioBricks is standardization. However, the part descriptions in the Registry are not really standardized and every team provides different information in different places (if at all). This makes finding and assessing BioBricks for a new project very time-consuming and frustrating, since one may have to search through the description or turn to external sources. Especially for protein-encoding Bricks there is a lot of information, which can be calculated directly from the DNA sequence. So in the RFC 96 we propose a standard table containing basic parameters, characteristics and predictions for protein-encoding BioBricks. Furthermore we developed a tool, the AutoAnnotator, with which this table can easily be created, so it only needs to be pasted into the part description. For more information on how the AutoAnnotator works, please see our Software page.

You can view the full BBF RFC 96 as a PDF document or in the gallery below.