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Judging Criteria

1. We collaborated with 5 other iGEM teams and helped BIT_China by sharing DNA materials, debugging and characterizing their parts! (for more details Click Here)

2. We outlined in detail two new approach of Human Pratice called "60 Second Synthetic Biology" and “Plague Inc”(in safety page) for “iGEM Leading-in”, which are based on our energy-related background of our project and enable more people to learn about Synthetic Biology in a short time, whether they are high school students or college students without an iGEM background. (for more details Click Here)

3. We submitted 12 high quality and well-characterized standard biobricks! Their functions worked as expected. (for more details: Click Here)

4. We improved a previous part, which is the part of Strong Constitutive Expression of ADC and AAR in pSB1C3 (BBa_K590025). The improved part is BBa_K1020008.

5. We did a sensor device that can specifically detect intracellular concentration of alkanes for engineered E.coli. It’s a new approach to small-molecular selection. (for more details: Click Here)

6. We successfully constructed and well-characterized our alkane sensor in different ways to detect long chain alkane seperately. (for more details: Click Here)

7. A good filter was constructed to achieve higher productivity strains which may be applied in the field ofenergy. (for more details: Click Here)

Therefore, we believe that we deserve a Gold Medal Prize.

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