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Team interactions

1. Gathering of iGEM teams in Japan

2. Helping our friend Sumbawagen in creating their wiki

Gathering of iGEM teams in JAPAN

This year, 11 teams from Japan are participating the iGEM competition:Biwako_Nagahama, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo_Tech, UT-Tokyo, Chiba, KIT-Kyoto, TMU-Tokyo, HokkaidoU_Japan, KAIT_Kapan, Tokyo-NoKoGen. Since we have many teams within the country, it is a pity we do not use this opportunity to get together and have a discussion on each other's project and if possible, make collaboration to make an even better project! So this year, we participated at a festival in May held at Tokyo University and an event in August held at Tokyo Metropolitan University.

日本から今年、11のチームがiGEMに参加しています:Biwako_Nagahama, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo_Tech, UT-Tokyo, Chiba, KIT-Kyoto, TMU-Tokyo, HokkaidoU_Japan, KAIT_Kapan, Tokyo-NoKoGenです。こんなに多くのチームが日本国内にいるのに、集まらないでいるのはとてももったいないことです。私達は今年も、5月には東京大学の五月祭でポスター発表を、8月には東京首都大学で開催された交流会に参加しました。その時の様子を写真でお見せします。

Helping our friend Sumbawagen on their wiki

Dr. Arief Budi Witarto Julmansyah, the team instructor of Sumbawagen 2013 team, has been our good friend working in the same laboratory for many years. He is a very gentl and kind man, who we enjoyed working with. This year, he went back to his homeland Indonesia, where he has become a Dean of Technobiology Faculty ofSumbawa University of Technology and started an iGEM team with the 1st year students at his new university. About a few weeks ago, our instructor Prof. Sode visited their team and made his stay a very present time. Prof. Sode came bakc to Japan telling us how impressive Sumbawagen's laboratory work has been, however, he also told us that they were having problems uploading data on their wiki. It did not take us a long time to decide on helping them, so we immediately took contact with their team to start the cooperation. If you have time, please visit Sumbawagen team's wiki, which can be accessed from the link below: