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Simple Experiment to do at home

Please have a look at our video first

We hope you enjoyed our video! The video shows you how it is easy to culture a luminescent bacteria at home, a very simple experiment with only a need to buy a fresh squid from a nearby supermarket. The boy and a girl shown in the video are 1st year students at our university, who have no experience in doing laboratory experiments. Even they can do it for the first time - why don't you also try?

Steps in preparing ika culture

As shown in the video, the steps needed for making a squid is very simple. The photos below will help you remember how the steps were taken. First you buy a fresh ika, then take the inside away and cut it into an appropriate size. Put that piece into a container filled with 3% NaCl. Leave this ika for 1 to 2 weeks at 4℃, you will soon start to see luminescent "spots" on the surface of ika - luminescent bacteria!An agarose gel can be easily made from boiling the rest of ika for 3 to 5 minutes, and mix it well with agar.
ビデオでもお見せした通り、イカを用意するのはとても簡単です。下の写真は、ビデオでお見せした内容の復習です。まず、近所のスーパーで新鮮なイカを買ってきます。そのイカをちょうど良い大きさに切りだします。切り出した断片を3% NaClに浸し、4℃で1週間から2週間程度培養します。すると、イカの表面に光る”斑点”が見えてきますが、これが発光バクテリアです!寒天培地もとても簡単に用意できます。余ったイカをお鍋で3分から5分にて、寒天と混ぜるだけです。

Obtain the luminescent bacteria

We were not satisfied with only finding the luminescent bacteria, but we also wanted to know what it is. Therefore we decided to culture the colony on the agar plate to get a single colony. Can you see it?

Cloning the bacterium gene

For cloning the bacterium, we designed the following primer. We ran PCR and confirmed the bands by gel electrophoresis. The cloning successfully worked!

Sequence the cloned gene

We hurried and sequenced the cloned gene fragment. The sequencing data is shown below:

Using the obtained sequence, we made a blast analysis against a gene database ( to find out what bacterium we obtained on the surface of ika. As shown in the image below, we found that the gene is derived from Photobacterium Phosphoreum!
得られた遺伝子が一体なんのバクテリア由来であるのかを調べるために、データベース(に照らし合わせてみました。以下の図がその結果になりますが、Photobacterium Phosphoreumのバクテリアを得ることに成功しました!

When we hear the work "bacteria" or "cloning" it might scare some people away because it sounds very difficult. But as you can see, they are very very simple and are an experiment anyone can do. We hope that you wil also challenge yourself in culturing an ika lux!
このように、「バクテリア」や「クローニング」と聞くととても難しいことのように思えますが、実はとても簡単です。だれでも出来るシンプルな実験です。あなたもぜひ一度ika luxを培養してみませんか?