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Safety in the laboratory


We treat different kinds of bacteria in the laboratory. We also treat many toxic chemicals, which an do us serious harm if we are not careful enough. We shuold never forget the all possible accidents that can happen to us in the laboratory, and if something does happen, anything small for example electric cables were near the tap water, you should let all the lab members know so that we do not face any bigger problem. To avoid any problems, we should take good care of ourselves in the laboratory, and here below are a few tips on doing experiment.
私達は研究室で様々な菌体を扱い、また、毒性の高い試薬も扱います。交通事故と同じように、研究室でもどこに事故となりうる種があるか、常に私達はアンテナを張っていなければなりません。もし何か、どんなに小さなことでも、たとえば電気コンセントの近くに水たまりが出来ていたとか、研究室のメンバー全員に知らせ注意を呼びかけることが事故を防ぐために必要なことなのです。 大きな事故を避けるためにも、普段から十分注意を払うことが、とても大事なのです。

1. Put on gloves, lab coat and safety goggles. Always keep the benches clean that you don't spill anything dangerous.

2. These plastic bags contains garbage that are contaminated by E. coli. What we do is we autoclave them before throwing them away so that we do not spread any genetically modified bacteria.

3. We also autoclave all equipment that we used for treating E. coli. After autoclaving, we put test tubes in the oven at 180 degrees celcius for 2 hours. This way, we make sure that all equipment we use over and over again are kept clean.

4. What he is holding is a plate of colonies of E. coli. This experiment is done in a P2 level room, we do not leak any E. coli outside the room.

5. We treat E> coli inside the clean bench. Before we tough them, we make sure that our hands are clean (although we have gloves on), we spray our hands with 70% ethanol.

6. The clean bench looks like this. We look through the glass window when treating E. coli on agar plates or inside test tubes.

7. This is Eri with her growing E. coli. She looks very happy to find her bacteria growing steadily.Let people know that you are doing an experiment, so that you are not left forgotten. If something happens, someone should be aware and available to help you.