Team:UC Davis/Attributions



What we did:

  • Wet lab work
  • Conceptual and experimental design
  • Wiki and graphic design
  • Photography, figures and modeling
  • The Depot development
and analysis of all of the data we generated with some help from our advisors.

Special thanks to:

  • Dr. Justin Gallivan and Dr. Yohei Yokobayashi for advice on riboswitches
  • The Tagkopoulos Lab and the Segal Lab for providing us with the DNA for our TAL repressors
  • Dr. Bertram Ludaescher, Sven Koehler, Anandarup Sarkar for advising in the design and implementation process of The Depot.
  • Hector Garcia Martin for insight and direction from his work with JBEI's experimental data.
  • Linh Viet Huynh of the Tagkopoulos Lab for looking over our modeling
  • Keegan Owsley, a past UC Davis iGEMer, for allowing us to use his 3D plotting software KO3D seen on our data page.
  • And all of our sponsors:

We could not have done it without all of you. Thank you!

Project Overview

Learn about how we combine riboswitches and TALs into robust orthogonal mechanisms for inducible repression.


Check out the cool results of our experiments with RiboTALs.

Human Practices

Take a look at how we promote sharing in iGEM through The Depot, an open BioBrick characterization database.
Visit the Depot!

Judging Criteria

Here's the criteria that we met for this year's team.