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Judging Criteria


Completed Team Registration
Completed Judging Form
Finalized Team Wiki
Presented at the North American Regional Jamboree
Have documented and submitted at least one new part to the registry. Please refer to the Parts page


Experimentally validated the expected behavior of 4 RiboTALe constructs, parts BBa_K1212011-BBa_K1212016. Please refer to the Parts page
Provided the characterization data for these parts on the 'Main Page' section of those parts' Registry entries
Submitted these parts to the iGEM Parts Registry
We have discussed any safety risks associated with our project and the steps we took to mitigate those risks on the Safety page of this wiki

We have improved two existing parts, the pSB3K3 backbone as well as part BBa_K750000 (GFP under the regulation of pBAD and with an LVA degradation tag) by subjecting them to site directed mutagenesis in order to make them Golden Gate Assembly compatible. That is, we removed internal BsaI restriction sites. We created pages for the new parts, BBa_K1212002 and BBa_K1212006, respectively, and have submitted them to the Registry. We also altered the expression behavior of five of the constitutive Anderson promoters (BBa_J23100, J23101, BBa_J23105, BBa_J23106, BBa_J23109). By placing a TAL binding site downstream of each promoter, we were able to make each constitutive promoter repressible by our TALE in the presence of theophylline and arabinose. See BBa_K1212021, BBa_K1212022, BBa_K1212023, BBa_K1212024, and BBa_K1212025 for more details.
We hosted a midsummer regional iGEM meetup, which was attended by the teams from Berkeley, Stanford-Brown, and UC San Francisco. During this meetup we introduced and held an open discussion about our respective projects, asking key questions, giving feedback, and helping each other understand our projects from a "judge's" perspective in preparation for the regional Jamboree. We exchanged information about resources and helped form, we hope, a stronger sense of community and cooperation between teams.
We have developed a prototype database to help promote sharing and openness among iGEM teams. Our BioBrick Characterization Data Depot (The Depot) is a resource through which teams can share their raw characterization data. While originally proposed as a way for our team to share the multivariate characterization data for our RiboTALs, The Depot was expanded to promote sharing in iGEM for any BioBrick type. As a test run, we asked teams from around the world to help us populate our database with characterization data of the Anderson Promoter Collection. We hope to expand this so future teams can upload their project data in a standardized and easily accessible format. Please see our page about the Depot for more information!

Project Overview

Learn about how we combine riboswitches and TALs into robust orthogonal mechanisms for inducible repression.


Check out the cool results of our experiments with RiboTALs.

Human Practices

Take a look at how we promote sharing in iGEM through The Depot, an open BioBrick characterization database.
Visit the Depot!

Judging Criteria

Here's the criteria that we met for this year's team.