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The following parts were assembled throughout the development of this project:

Well-Characterized Parts
 Name  Type  Description  Designer  Length 
 BBa_K1212011  Composite  pBAD+Riboswitch 2+TAL1  Amy Soon  2612
 BBa_K1212012  Composite  pBAD+Riboswitch 2+TAL8  Amy Soon  2616
 BBa_K1212013  Composite  pTet+TBS 1+RBS+GFP+T  Aura Ferreiro  1003
 BBa_K1212014  Composite  pBAD+Riboswitch 1+TAL 1  Amy Soon  2616
 BBa_K1212015  Composite  pBAD+Riboswitch 1+TAL 8  Amy Soon  2620
 BBa_K1212016  Composite  pTet+TBS 2+RBS+GFP  Amy Soon  1003
 BBa_K1212021  Composite  J23100+TBS 2+RBS+GFP  Amy Soon  988
 BBa_K1212022  Composite  J23101+TBS 2+RBS+GFP  Amy Soon  974
 BBa_K1212023  Composite  J23105+TBS 2+RBS+GFP  Amy Soon  974
 BBa_K1212024  Composite  J23106+TBS 2+RBS+GFP  Amy Soon  988
 BBa_K1212025  Composite  J23109+TBS 2+RBS+GFP  Amy Soon  974

Other Parts
 Name  Type  Description  Designer  Length 
 BBa_K1212002   Plasmid_Backbone   Golden Gate Compatible pSB3K3  Alex Neckelmann  2750 
 BBa_K1212006  Composite  pBAD+Golden Gate Compatible GFP  Aura Ferreiro  1052
 BBa_K1212009  Composite  pBAD+Riboswitch 2+GFP+T  Amy Soon  1086
 BBa_K1212010  Composite  pBAD+Riboswitch 1+GFP+T  Amy Soon  1090

Our best characterized parts are our RiboTAL constructs, which consist of parts BBa_K1212011-BBa_K1212016. Among these parts, most of characterization was focused on the riboswitch+TAL constructs (BBa_K1212011, BBa_K1212012, BBa_K1212014, BBa_K1212015), as the other parts were simply pTet+GFP, which are already well characterized parts, with some extra base pairs added for our TAL binding sites (BBa_K1212013, BBa_K1212016). Both our pSB3K3 backbone (BBa_K1212002) and our GFP (BBa_K1212006) with their BsaI sites fixed were used in our RiboTAL constructs and functioned as expected but did not need separate characterization. The pBAD+Riboswitch+GFP parts (BBa_K1212009 and BBa_K1212010) were originally planned for testing our riboswitches in case the RiboTAL constructs were not working. Since the RiboTALs did work as expected, we focused on characterizing the RiboTALs over the riboswitch testing constructs.

Project Overview

Learn about how we combine riboswitches and TALs into robust orthogonal mechanisms for inducible repression.


Check out the cool results of our experiments with RiboTALs.

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Judging Criteria

Here's the criteria that we met for this year's team.

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