Team:UFMG Brazil/Acknowledgment




We would like to thank several people from various laboratories at UFMG and abroad, as well as friends and family, who helped us during the development of our project with equipments, reagents, ideas and different other kinds of support:

  • Laboratório de Genética Bioquímica (LGB), ICB-UFMG, for allowing us to use their infrastructure, materials and for technical support;
  • Laboratório de Sinalização Celular e Nanobiotecnologia, ICB-UFMG, especially the student Anderson K. Santos, for helping us with the fluorimetry experiments;
  • Laboratório de Genômica e Genética de Parasitos, ICB-UFMG, for providing supplies and technical support;
  • Laboratório de Imunoquímica de Toxinas Naturais, ICB-UFMG, for allowing us to use their infrastructure and several materials;
  • Laboratório de Sistema de Informação, ICEX-UFMG, for allowing us to use their cameras and softwares for the production of our videos;
  • Laboratório de Angiogênese, ICB-UFMG, for donating sera from mice for our IMA experiments, and especially the PhD student Brígida Gomes de Almeida Schirmer, who allowed us to follow the procedures of ischemia induction and blood sampling;
  • Neuza Antunes Rodrigues, from LGB, who taught biosafety procedures and legislation to our team members;
  • Professor Gastone Castellani, Professor Daniel Remondini and PhD Dr.ssa Giulia Menichetti from Università di Bologna, for helping us with the modeling analyses;
  • Juliana Pimenta, from Síntese Biotecnologia, who believed in our project and provided several oligonucleotides free of charge;
  • Andréa Mara Macedo, coordinator professor of UFMG & Escolas Project, who gave us the opportunity to apply our Brickard game to the project students.
  • To FAPEMIG, Pró-Reitorias de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação da UFMG, Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Programas de Pós-graduação em Bioquímica e Imunologia e Bioinformática, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia em Medicina Molecular, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia em Nanobiofarmacêutica, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia em Vacinas (INCTV), for financial support;
  • To all our friends and family, who contributed to our “Vakinha” (a Brazilian way to raise funds with family and friends).



Our team participated in the first event that promoted the meeting of the Brazilian teams, which was hosted by the USP team(University of São Paulo). This historic event (and very funny one) was called Jamboré. All the teams members were able to test the card game created as a human practices by the USP team, know themselves and the projects better, join a discussion about the difficulties of the competition and the solutions that each team has found (with the sponsorship, for example) and collaborate with suggestions.

Purdue´s standard protocol

We collaborated with the survey done by the Purdue´s team about the development of a standard protocol. They are developing a list of protocols and assays that need to be completed in order to submit the part to the registry. For us it seems like a great idea and we hope that our collaboration has helped this project.

Our Sponsors

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