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Talking to experts

Engage in solving a problem that afflicts humankind is really a cool idea, but it is impossible to do a good job without being well informed, or mainly, without good collaborations. Therefore, we sought experts in different areas that could better evaluate our idea, help us find the right way and inform the society about relevant issues related to our project. For this purpose, we have created videos interviewing them and presenting important views of how society is involved.

Biosafety beyond the laws

Before starting any experimental procedure, our lab heroes were trained by Neusa Antunes, an expert on biosafety from our institute. More than how to proceed in the lab, we could debate about what is biosafety and other concepts regarding it, which role laws play, what iGEM teams and researchers must be aware of and ethical questions related do synthetic biology.

Heart diseases in the Brazilian healthcare system (SUS)

We interviewed the director of the teaching hospital of the UFMG, Dr. Antonio Luiz Pinho Ribeiro (Tom), who is also a consultant in cardiology of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Talking to him, we could know more about the SUS (Unified Health System), the care of cardiac patients, the importance of new biomarkers for early diagnosis and the risk stratification in cardiology, the structure of the hospital and more, providing us important information for the development of our project. Check it!

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