Team:UFMG Brazil/Humanpractices


Human Practices

As a freshman on iGEM and therefore surrounded by novelty, our team invested on human practices both to let nearby people know about synthetic biology and iGEM, and to reinforce on us what we had come for. And that was hugely rewarding and pretty fun!

Basically, we chose these approaches for our human practices:

  1. Talk to experts in the field and with people from other areas and with different backgrounds to seek new perspectives;
  2. Disclose synthetic biology and iGEM in Brazil (in Portuguese language);
  3. Thinking outside the box: to go beyond the laboratory, students were encouraged to think in new ideas related to synthetic biology, seeking new bioethical, economic, educational, philosophical... approaches.

Some big questions were always raised during the course of our activities:

  • Why are we choosing to perform this activity?
  • What will we learn from this activity?
  • How will this activity help improving our project?

The answers? They were achieved along the development of our practices and during the description of them here on the wiki, as a new chance to look back and reanalyze our journey on iGEM... we hope you enjoy as much as we did!

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