Team:USTC CHINA/Attributions



In the last two months,thanks to our devotion and the support of various professors and scientific institutions ,our team achieved proud results.
In the summer vacation,we used the gene material donated by scientific institutions and individuals to standardize and splice.we standardized and spliced transdermal peptide and gene circuits consists of various fusion protein of antigen.Meanwhile,we expressed TD1-GFP、TD1-HBsAg、TD1-LTB and all of expression of them was verified by in the E.coli. TD1-PA、TD1-HBsAg、TD1-Ag85b and TD1-LTB constructed circuits of the secretion vector,WB800N.Firstly,the transdermal experiment outside human body succeeded.Secondly,we also try to do experiment in living mice.Generally,we construct 16 new parts,we set a foundation for toolkit.Also our standardized BBa_K1074006 set a frame for other secretion expression researchers,theoretically users can use TD1 to merge any protein,to made the target protein have the function of secretion and transdermal permeation.

Thanks to the following individuals and institutions:
1.Gene donation
Standardized antigen:Chinese Centre for Disease
TD-1 short chain poly peptide:Professor Longping Wen
2.Theoretically support:
Consultation of Bacillus subtilis:Professor Xin Run,Nanjing Agriculture University
Consultation of transdermal experiment:Professor Longping Wen
Training of mice experiment:Professor Ting Yue
3.Preliminary Partner:Hualan Biology Co.,ltd.