Zhang Sitao Zhang Sitao
Zhang Sitao

Our labor leader weighs various matters, leads the overall trend and plays our cards right. He leaves a strong impression in others' mind. However, His friends found that the leader is very cute.

Changlong Zhao Changlong Zhao
Changlong Zhao

There's no doubt that we can give full stars for Changlong's fighting capacity. The roads leading to success will never be smooth and Changlong is a perfect companion to travel with.

Hanjin Xiong Hanjin Xiong
Hanjin Xiong

As the keynote speaker of our team, he always keeps a clear head with extraordinary creativity and expressiveness. He said, "It is shameful if you haven't burnt the midnight oil for iGEM." Moving forward bravely, he shows us overwhelming power which nobody can stop it.

Shen Shengqi Shen Shengqi
Shen Shengqi

Everyone considers that it is honored to be a friend of "Brother Face" as he is a totally "local tyrant". Actually," Brother Shen" is warmth, nice, really expert in digging shortcuts in the experiments. He is a sharp soldier of our team as he adheres to the "more with less" principle.

Shao Xueying Shao Xueying
Shao Xueying

Competent and independent, Shao Xueying has unique ideas about colors and graphics. At the same time, she is a good lecturer. She edits our wiki and does presentation for us.

Yvette Yuan Yvette Yuan
Yvette Yuan

I love you all~

Gege Yang Gege Yang
Gege Yang

She is a lovely girl that everyone likes her, she is also a good experimenter that every step of our project has her contribution.

Mingyue Li Mingyue Li
Mingyue Li

"Mingyue Bacteria" is the spokesperson of our bacterium, handling the destiny of those little lives. We all agreed that, Mingyue with rubber gloves is GORGEOUSNESS!

Danyi Ma Danyi Ma
Danyi Ma

"Aunty Ma" takes charge of our finance and safety, which calls for much patience and responsibility. In the experiment, she also plays an absolutely necessary role.

Minghao Pan Minghao Pan
Minghao Pan

I had prepared words to summary our team, quoting Mrs Hilary: Although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it's got about some cracks in it. And the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time. That has always been the history of progress in iGEM. But can we claim that feeling no shame and embrace the results? Definitely no! Laziness, distraction and lack of orderliness were always killing us through the whole process, and we deserve the results. I wish we could become someone graceful and platonic.

Zhang Heng Zhang Heng
Zhang Heng

He is a man full of responsibility, we could 100% trust him! Bro, it's you that bring us positive energy!

Chen Zhuo Chen Zhuo
Chen Zhuo

Always, he is still of tongue, but he is not only a genius of experiment, but also a brilliant living library. I cannot say more but admire!

Zhaoxiong Chen Zhaoxiong Chen
Zhaoxiong Chen

This smart boy is good at playing all kinds of computer systems. We believe that he will refresh the history of wikis!

Min Wu Min Wu
Min Wu

I love experiments. I love games. I love Weibo.

Yali Peng Yali Peng
Yali Peng

She is a quiet girl, she likes smile, she loves doing experiments peacefully and slowly. As the best partner of Mingyue Li, every trouble become easy! Hey, little pretty we all love you!

Hao Xue Hao Xue
Hao Xue

Laughing, he is still laughing! What on hill? Oh god, negative results, but how… But bro, thank you for giving us positive energy, you really raise us up! My bro!

Yanning Qiu Yanning Qiu
Yanning Qiu

Our little sister holds the trump cards. She always knows what do with all the words and pictures. Brave and creative, Yanning enjoys the days with new skills and knowledge. Our team was painted colorfully with the lively girl.

Long jie Long jie
Long jie

Clever and hard-working, I cannot agree more to do experiments with him. You never let us down!

Bo Dong Bo Dong
Bo Dong

He is an earnest boy, he always work hard that every bros and sis like him, he is our team's MVP! Hey, bro! It our pleasure to be with you!

Shiwei Wang Shiwei Wang
Shiwei Wang

Again, a quiet boy is coming! He love experiment, he is Bo Dong's loyal friend. We all believe in him, without his help we cannot achieve our goal! Thanks a lot ,my bro!

Huayue Xing Huayue Xing
Huayue Xing

With my little eyes, I see bacterium; with my little eyes, I see TD-1; with my little eyes, I see vaccine secreted out; with my little eyes, I see the future without needles. Carefulness, earnest, and a little bit of acting cute, I am XHY.

Lei Xiong Lei Xiong
Lei Xiong

Despite the fact that it is me who always breaks test tubes, loses beakers, and pours reagent onto the skin of my hands, I have the enthusiasm for science. I love to explore and pursue knowledge. As long as there is a chance to see the tip of the iceberg, it doesn't matter how many test tubes I am going to break.

Cao Qinjingwen Cao Qinjingwen
Cao Qinjingwen

Excellent! Without these kinds of words, how can I say anything to describe her? As our elder sister, she always gives us self-confident, hey soul sister!

Xiao Zhuyun Xiao Zhuyun
Xiao Zhuyun

Sincere and straightforward, "piggy", the curve wrecker in our eyes, puts all her efforts into research and study. Only when you get close to her, will you find that she also loves to play, that she also loves life.

Zeyu Wang Zeyu Wang
Zeyu Wang

Although I was a freshman and initially came to USTC iGEM , I did some experiment in molecular cloning.I took part in human practice and wiki writing.I also helped with presentation. Thank you,USTC iGEMers!

Han Yingying Han Yingying
Han Yingying

Tender as a new-born kitty, Yingying doesn't like to stand in the spotlight. She's a diligent brain instead of a silken tongue. We believe that gold will shine no matter where it is.

Sijia Fan Sijia Fan
Sijia Fan

Black humorist, and sadly, the leader is always shouting at me:" Hurry! Hurry!".


Haiyan Liu
Haiyan Liu

Haiyan Liu was born in Sichuan Province, China. He received his BS degree in Biology in 1990 and PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 1996, both from USTC. Between 1993 and 1995 he was a visiting graduate student in Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of ETH, Zurich (Switzerland). Since 2001, he has been a professor of computational biology at School of Life Sciences, USTC.

Jiong Hong
Jiong Hong

I am applying this strategy on the mechanism of the complex diseases such as cancer and diabetes. My ongoing project is to identify biomarkers in order to detect the progress stages of the diabetes. In addition, I have planed to analyze the genetic and environmental factors and their interactions during the progressing of the type 2 diabetes with systems-biology approaches.

Jiarui Wu
Jiarui Wu

Since the research strategy of systems biology is well fit to analyze the biological complex systems. I am applying this strategy on the mechanism of the complex diseases such as cancer and diabetes. We have developed systematic approaches based on proteomics and bioinformatics to analyze human normal and diabetic serum.