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Talking with peers

Communication makes science attractive, and learning from each other lights up iGEM competition. It says, a single conversation across the table with a wise man worth a month's study of books. Talking with peers bridges the gap between us and promotes our cooperation. We had visited five iGEM teams, (SJTU,FDU,NJU,WHU and PKU,) thus we travelled almost all over China within half a year. Moreover, in order to increase iGEM’s popularity in China, we were also invited to two universities which are good at Biosciences (Nanjing Agricultural University, Henan Normal University) to give speeches about iGEM.

Visitor from SDU

Visit FDU

Visit SJTU

Visit WHU

Consulting professors

To find the best project and improve the subject, we visited three universities (Nanjing Agricultural University, Wuhan University, Henan Agricultural University), and we went to four institute which affiliated to Chinese academy of sciences (China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Virus Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Aquatic Organisms, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Research Institute) for help, consulting 17 senior professors. We also established a preliminary cooperative relationship with a famous biotechnology company (Hualan bio-engineering: research and development base of H1N1 vaccine).