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A lot of people gave their contribution to our project, and here we thank each and anyone of them.
First of all, we must thank Veronica and Aurora, as parts of a bigger team who works in Applied Biology laboratories and who adopted us during these months: we shared coffes, lunches, boiling preps and fun, lots of fun. Thank you, girls!

For more academic attributions, we must thank:

  • Prof. Luigi De Bellis, professor of Plant Physiology and Dean of our Department, for supporting our project.
  • Prof. Pietro Alifano, professor of Microbiology and President of the Faculty of Biotechnologies, for his support, his expertise and his advices.
  • Prof. Alberto Danielli, researcher at Unibo, department of Pharmacy and Biotechnologies, for sending us the plasmids pET-NikR and pNKTB.
  • Prof. Michele Benedetti and Dr. Danilo Migoni, General and Inorganic Chemistry laboratories, DiSTeBA, University of Salento, for ICP-AES analysis of our samples.
  • Prof. Livia Giotta, Physical Chemistry laboratories, University of Salento, for ATR-FTIR analysis and data interpretation.
  • Prof. Daniela Erminia Manno, Experimental Physics laboratories, for Cryo-TEM spectroscopy.
  • Prof. Antonio Serra, Experimental Physics laboratories, for Raman spectroscopy analysis.
  • Prof. Gian Pietro Di Sansebastiano, General Botany laboratory, DiSTeBA, University of Salento, for fluorimetric measurements of our samples.
  • Dr. Daniela Pacoda, coordinator at Se.Si.Ge.R, our Department Safety Office, who helped us compiling the Safety page.
  • Dr.Eng. Antonio Leanza who designed the integration of our system in the purification plant (see Application).
  • Giovanni Scoletta who helped us in text translation and correction.
  • Lisa Oberding from Calgary Team 2012, Luciano Morosi from Buenos Aires Team 2012 and Yuta Otsuka from UT-Tokyo 2012 Team for the interviews we used in our presentation seminar: you can find the video in the Human Practices page.
  • We must also thank all the people who contributed to our cause with their donations!

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