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Who we are

We found funny to pick a team's member name each one and to assign our respective descriptions for our Wiki!

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Our team is made up of 7 students coming from different faculties of our University. The wetlab side of the project was developed by 4 students coming up from the life science field (Biotechnologies and Nanobiotechnologies and Biological Sciences) and the team roster was integrated by the recruitment of two students from Physics and Mathematics, who dealt with Modeling, and a student from Information Engineering working as our Wiki maker.

Martina Montinaro by Mattia Corvaglia

Physics addicted.
We see a natural event, she thinks the model that describes it.
Her words are equations and her every speech is able to get everyone to agree, leave she alone in the desert with a Swiss boxcutter, a flashlight and a magnifying glass and after a month she will have built a nuclear power plant!
When the going gets tough there is Martina Montinaro.

Gabriele Alfarano by Ludovica Scoletta

Do you have any problems with your life planning? Gabriele makes you an efficent weekly check-list.
His keyword is "Arrangement".
He usually lyses the bacteria with his tuneful singing.
Estrus and insanity, so, a sure future in the music or in biology!

Giampiero Lazzari by Gabriele Alfarano

Don't know which lab coat wear on your prep time?
Ask him, the fashion side of our Team!
Unwillingly, he found himself recruited in our iGEM team while waiting for his next class to begin and soon became the (over)methodical and aestethically-driven one we were looking for! You're warned: don't doodle on his lab notebook, or you'll undergo his wrath!

Mattia Corvaglia by Gabriele Alfarano

One would lose his faith even in the existence of webmasters when looking for one of them!
Well, after a long time since our project was born, we finally found Mattia, and soon understood he was the man!
He learned the whole wiki language and designed an amazing wiki in less than a daytime: somebody says he can write HTML5 pages with a single hand, while doing Sudoku with the other, blindfolded and contemporaneously jumping over a ring of fire!

Davide Magrì by Roberta Bramato

His diary is tight diary, the word "rest" is banished from his vocabulary!
He’s like a tireless dolphin with an open and brilliant mind, always ready to make new proposals!
“Work ” is his imperative!
His muscles and his gentlemanly ways earned him the nickname “waterman”!

Ludovica Scoletta by Martina Montinaro

Graduating master student in Applied Math.
She has joined our team moved to pity for who of us spends all the days in lab.
Eventually she has gone crazy to biologists world and now she can't help biology's models.
Between one Hilbert space and the other, on her notes you can see clearly walk E. Coli bacteria.
She has studied our model proving a lot of patience, not only with bacteria.

Emanuele Rizzo by Laura Cogli

Emanuele is a sensitive guy who puts the soul into everything he does.
Do you want to know the name of a bacterium, a virus, a parasite?
Well just ask him, named by popular demand “the Bible of Microbiology”.
His obvious Turkish descent have made him a true spoils women, Ema steals hearts…


Two wonderful doctors worked as our wetlab instructors, helping us afford otherwise incomprehensible protocols with their constant smile.

Laura Cogli by Davide Magrì

Called THE BOSS!
All people respect her power in the lab!
She gained her extensive experience in the various fields of biology, developing a manuality out of the ordinary!
There are people who swear to have seen her working simultaneously with DNA extractions, PCR, bacterial cloning and protein quantification with excellent results in all her works.
Despite the harshness of her day, Dr. Laura Cogli always shows a dazzling smile.
Her favourite motto is: open your eyes, because to close them just a nothing.

Roberta Bramato by Giampiero Lazzari

Rigor and order, these two words can describe our supervisor at best.
Chemistry and Biology have no secrets.
In a few minutes she can solve your problem, only garlic and onions can stop her.
Like a clock, she marks every moment of laboratory life.


Our leading guides in research, our instructors Prof. Cecilia Bucci and Prof. Dario Pisignano, helped us to give life to our long-time-awaited project.

Cecilia Bucci

Professor of Cell Biology, in whose laboratories we worked. Leader researcher in molecular basis of endocytosis, phagocytosis, host-cell interaction, cancer and neurodegenerative pathologies.

Dario Pisignano

Professor of Experimental Physics, works in the fields of Material science, Nano- and Nanobiotechnologies.

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