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University of Salento

Our University developed through the years gaining students and reliability. Nowadays, with 6 Faculties and 8 Departments, UniSalento covers a wide range of research fields. For further information visit our University website!

A short history of our University
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Departments at Università del Salento
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Research centers at Università del Salento
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Department of Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences (DiSTeBA)
The department articulates in 4 great areas of interest : Cell and Molecular Biology, Human Biology, Environmental Sciences and Chemistry, with 35 laboratories. For further info:


Our University is located in Lecce, a sunny town in Apulia, in the South of Italy. Known around the world for its Baroque style, Lecce offers a great scenario with its artistic views, and a good life for students and young people. Furthermore, anywhere you turn around, you can find our wonderful fields and our amazing coasts, with the most appreciated beaches in Italy, from the rocky Adriatic coasts to the smooth sandy beaches of the Ionian sea.
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A tour around the beauties of Lecce can be found here.
And what about another tour around the coasts of our province, seen from on high? Whatch this!

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