In our team, we believe that it is not just the project that matters: teaching and informing society on what science is doing for all of us is also a big challenge!!

Therefore, our team has made a big effort to try and show what iGEM is and what we do in our lab. That is why we have organized several meetings with the press in our city and we have sent a lot of information to the rest of our university and even to newspapers.

Luckily, many of them find iGEM and our project really interesting!

The editorial group “Las Provincias” reported our work us last August.

And so did “Vit salud” and UPV news.

Finally, we decided to join a lipdub in the CIPF to vindicate science and to show that despite the economic cutbacks, researchers are prepared to keep investigating and to not lose their good spirits! Our video was posted in youtube

So did several TV channels:

“Antena 3” part 2, minute 6:30

“UPV news”

And many newspapers spread the news:

“El Mundo”

“El Levante”

“Las Provincias”