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Toni Bahilo Gómez

Hello people! I am Toni and I was born in a village of Spain, whose name I do not wish to remember... in 1992. Actually, I am from Petrés in Valencia, Spain.

I am an undergraduate in Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Valencia. I am in the iGEM group because I want to become a professional in pipetting: I am chasing my dream!

Miriam Brines Julián

Hi everybody! I'm Miriam, an undergraduate biotech. I'm joining the iGEM team to learn a lot these months at the lab and I'm sure this will be an unforgettable experience.

I think Synthetic Biology is a powerful tool to get organisms with new characteristics and a unique opportunity to improve the society and the world.


Rubén Fernández Santos

Hello friends! I'm recently graduated in Molecular Biology in Santiago de Compostela and now I'm specializing in Plant Biotechnology in UPV in Valencia.

I think the iGEM competition is a great opportunity to learn about Synthetic Biology. I also hope to have a nice summer in the lab and to meet new people.

I like to spend my free time reading books, listening indie music and going to the cinema with my girlfriend. I would be as high as moon. See you in Lyon!!

Ana Monserrat Martínez

Hi everyone! I'm Ana and I was born in 1992 in Valencia, Spain.

I’m an undergraduate in Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and it is my first year joining an iGEM group.

Apart from studying I work as a private teacher. I love travelling and going out with friends, and in my free time I am a professional persecutor of snails per hours.

Elia Pérez León

Hi! I'm 22 years old and I'm graduated in Marine Science. Now I'm in a master programm in Global Change and other in Statistics.

This is my secong time on iGEM competition and I'm proud of it.

In my spare time I enjoy practicing scuba diving, going with my friends and reading.

Tati Rodríguez Giraldo

Hello, my name is Tatiana and I was born in 1992 in Medellín, Colombia, but I have been living in Spain since I was eight.

I’m studying Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Valencia and I decided to join the iGEM team because it is a great opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.

In my free time I like hunting sardines in the forest.

David Sanjaime Rodríguez

Hi world!! I'm electronic engineer from Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Currently, I'm studying industrial engineering and this is my last year at university.

I didn't know anything about Synthetic Biology so I found iGEM competition a great challenge.

My hobbies are tennis and travel around the world. Besides I fancy swimming with fishes in the sea, that is to say, diving and snorkelling.


David Fuente Herraiz

Maria Siurana Paula

Paula Oliete Calvo

Arnau Montagud Aquino


Javier Urchueguía Schölzel

Susana Rodríguez Navarro