• What's New
    What's New
    Best BioBrick Measurement Approach! See u in MIT! (See our ACHIEVEMENTS !)
  • Bacterial Ghost
    Bacterial Ghost
    See our special Bacterial Ghost. Read more
  • The Ghost Kit
    The Ghost Kit
    "The Ghost Kit" --- detect, purify, and store protein. Read more
  • Characterization
    You get numerous knowledge and understandings on aptamers. Read more
  • Meet Our Team
    Meet Our Team
    Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Read more

Bacterial Ghost
In order to tackle a series of issues dealing with proteins, we built a new E.coli based chasis called bacterial ghost, which is an unique cell shell with inner- and outer-membrane fused. (Read More...)
The ghost kit is our innovative design aiming to detect, purify and store proteins of interest.By using bacterial ghost as chasis, the ghost kit renders us great advantages over traditional methods.(Read More...)

The Ghost Kit

The Tale and Beyond The Tale
The Tale of Ghost & Elf is a fantasy about how the Ghost Kit saves the planet. The beauty of the language and illustrations should be joyful. Beyond the tale, we did some community outreach, survey and interviews to enrich the human practice of our project. (Read More...)
  • Register the team, have a great summer, and have fun at Regional Jamboree.
  • Successfully complete and submit this iGEM 2013 Judging Form.
  • Plan to present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.
  • Document at least one new standard BioBrick Part or Device used in our project and submit this part to the iGEM Registry.
  • Experimentally validate that at least one new BioBrick Part or Device of our own design and construction works as expected.
  • Document the characterization of this part in the 'Main Page' of that Part's/Device's Registry entry. Submit new parts to the iGEM Parts Registry.
  • Have implications for the environment, security, safety and sharing. Describe several ways in which these or other broader implications have been taken into consideration in the design and execution of our project.
  • Help UC Davis team for characterizing lots of parts and produce a multi-lab, extensive characterization of a commonly used part library. (Read more...)

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