Meet Our Team




Angli Xue

Plant protection

Angli Xue majors in Plant protection. He is the leader of 2013 ZJU-China. He enjoys brainstorming and designing experiment. He is interested in all kinds of sports and loves playing badminton and the saxophone.

Zukai Liu


Zukai Liu is a junior student majoring in biotechnology. He is a smart guy, and always comes up with some new ideas. In the daily life, he likes running to keep fit. He also participates in marathon twice.

Jiasheng Wang

Clinical Medicine

Jiasheng Wang is a handsome senior student from clinical medicine. He is the master of biological experiment. He designed and constructed all the parts & devices. He is the leader of the web lab.

Yujie Chen


She is a mild girl while she can be more courageous than boys. She is an expert in Gu’zheng and middle-distance race. As our team’s financial accountant, she does a great job to conflict all the bills together with other team affairs.

Lifeng Zhang

Chemical Engineering

Major in Chemical Engineering. A member of Advanced Honor Class of Engineering Education. Have fun in iGEM . Viva la iGEM!

Wenjia Gu

Applied Chemistry

She is a cute girl with a big smile. She is a versatile member—— she can play the piano and table tennis very well. She does a great job in information collection and statistics.

Xiaoyue Yang

Applied Biological Science

She is a lively girl and has passion for everything in the life. She is also curious about the microorganic world. She loves traveling, reading and hanging out with friends.

Congcong Xing


Congcong is keen on Human Practice, and she did a lot of job in outreach with other schools and companies. She likes latin dance and is always ready to gives a show. She is eager to distinguish herself and can always draw others’ attention.

Ke Ding


A member of Qiushi Science Class of Biology. He enjoys bench work.

Yunlong Cao


Yunlong Cao majors in Physics, especially in biophysics. He is expert on modeling, programming and protein structure simulating. He like playing table tennis and tennis. He often travels around and tries different food.

Jin Huang

Computer Science; Pre-Med for M.D.

Jin is a dry lab member, a great fan of Formula 1 Racing, and a member of TEDxZJU. He is curious of all kinds of fancy things. Recently he is addicted to Attack on Titans. Enjoy!

Xihan Li

Computer Science and Technology

Xihan is an artist. He is in charge of all the designing work. He is a very cute and shy boy with a lot of creative ideas that can sometimes give others inspiration. He is the chairman of the Animal Protection Association in ZJU.


Yulong Li

Yulong is a PhD candidate from School of Medicine. He kindly supports us by providing ideas, suggestions and wet-labs skills.


Ming Chen


Department of Bioinformatics

College of Life Sciences

Zhejiang University Zijin'gang Campus,


Zhejiang 310058



Min Wu


Laboratory of Extremophiles

College of Life Sciences

Zhejiang University Zijin'gang Campus,


Zhejiang 310058