Collaboration - Help Other Teams

We have helped UC Davis iGEM team this year. Part of UC Davis’s team project aims to develop and implement an experimental data depot for biobrick characterization data. We have joined the collaboration to produce a multi-lab, extensive characterization of a commonly used part library based on their protocol and requirements.

We measured the fluorescent kinetics in an 18-hour period to characterize several members of a promoter family. The parts we choose to characterize are J23101, J23112, J23113, J23114, J23115, J23116, J23117, J23118, J23119 in iGEM 2013 Kit Distribution as well as J23108, J23109, J23111 in 2012 iGEM Kit Distribution. Then we preliminary processed all the raw data and send them to UC Davis’s iGEMers together with the information of the plate reader we used and the measurement conditions.

The results (as a downloadable table in UC Davis' project) are partly shown as

UCD search output.png (Adapted from UC Davis' wiki)