Open Source Reflexion


Open Source Reflexion


People there: Gabriel, Anaïs, Eric, Caroline, Andy, Nima

Chairman: Gabriel

Secretary: Caroline

Debate about the biohacking and bioterrorism (paper)


People there: Caroline, Anaïs, Éric, Andy, Nima, Gabriel

Chairman: Eric

Secretary: Caroline

Debate about bioterrism and risk ethics (paper)


People there: Caroline, Anaïs, Eric, Nima, Damir, Zouh

We choose our subject for the competition: Open source (in synthetic biology) and its influence on our society


People there: Caroline, Anais, Eric, Nima, Zouh, Gabriel et Nadia

Eric made a presentation of the state of bioeconomy today (power point)

Anais and Gabriel made a global presentation of the Open Source, what is it, how it works … (paper)


People there: Caroline, Anais, Eric, Nima, Zouh, Gabriel, Damir

Zouh made a presentation about the rules of the open source and the different kind of free software in computer science. (Paper)

Damir made a presentation about the development and the democratization of science thanks to the open source (PowerPoint)