We have finished:

Requirements for a Bronze Medal:

Register the team, have a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Regional Jamboree.

Successfully complete and submit this iGEM 2013 Judging form.

Create and share a Description of the team's project using the iGEM wiki and the team's parts using the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

Plan to present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.

Document these parts:BBA_K1010000, BBA_K1010001, BBA_K1010002

Additional Requirements for a Silver Medal:

Experimentally validate that three new parts works as expected.

Document the characterization of these part in the 'Main Page'.

Submit these new parts to the iGEM Parts Registry: :BBA_K1010000, BBA_K1010001, BBA_K1010002.

Implications for the environment, security, and safety:SCAU-China Safety

Additional Requirements for a Gold Medal:

We improved the function of an existing part BBa_K215091 by using in Rhodococcus sp. and testing its degradation. The new part is BBa_K1010008.

We outline and detail new approaches to an issue of Human Practice in synthetic biology as it relatesi:Card Game,Survey,Communication

We apply for Best Human Practice Advance for the reason:

Reason: We have designed a card game to propagandize our project and synthetic biology. This game is easy to play. It's novel and very funny in iGEM. In addition, we have done a survey on field near our university. We also visited and communicated with several teams.