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The team has brainstormed together to decide the project and has set this up themselves. The following tasks were also performed by the team members:

Joep KooijmanDesigning, building and characterization of the Zephyr, Circuit modeling and Band-aid modeling, Image processing (graphs) and finance.
Maithili Krishnan Wiki lay-out; Logo designing, cloning, characterization of the lysis cassette, lysis experiment and Sender Receiver experiments.
Bharath Kumar Cloning, primer designing, peptide production and characterization, peptide experiments.
Derk te Winkel Cloning, MIC experiments, Sender Receiver experiments, COS-1 toxicity tests, primer designing.
Dimitra Zafeiropoulou Wiki lay-out; Peptide synthesis, Circuit and Band-aid modeling, C# code for microscope camera handling, Membrane experiments.

We would like to thank:

  • Dr. Elio Abbondanzieri from the Delft University of Technology for his advice on the designing of the optical set-up in the Zephyr and the related image-processing.
  • Katelijne Bekers, Phd student at Delft University of Technology , for introducing us in usage of the plate reader used for MIC determinations.
  • Sebastiaan Keuter for his work on brainstorming, fundraising and help in brainstorming from February to August.
  • Dr. Wiep Klaas from the University of Leiden for giving us the bacillus subtilis strain and shuttle vectors therefore.
  • Dr. Daniel Lam from the Bionanoscience department of Delft University of Technology for for making it possible for us to use the FACS.
  • Astrid Moerman for her work on brainstorming and Human Practice from February to May.
  • Erwin van Ryn from the Bionanoscience department of Delft University of Technology for helping us using the FACS.
  • Dr Marcel Schaaf from the Cell Observatory of the University of Leiden and DH5α.
  • Prof.dr. Peter Verhaert, Dr. M.W.H. Pinkse and Mervin Pieterse from the Delft University of Technology for brainstorming ideas, help of Mass spectrometry and their valuable guidance.
  • Natalia Vtyurina from Delft University of Technology Bionanoscience department for giving us the Yoyo Dye in order to perform experiments with Zephyr
  • Ilja Westerlaken from the Bionanoscience department of Delft University of Technology for guiding us in using the FACS and helping us interpreting the results.