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Project Overview

Learn about how we combine riboswitches and TALs into robust orthogonal mechanisms for inducible repression.


Check out the cool results of our experiments with RiboTALs.

We also made the Anderson promoter family controllable through induction with RiboTALs.

Human Practices

Take a look at how we promote sharing in iGEM through The Depot, an open BioBrick characterization database.
Visit the Depot!

Judging Criteria

Here's the criteria that we met for this year's team.


Welcome to the 2013 UC Davis iGEM Wiki!

We have created a novel class of transcription factors known as RiboTALs. We sought to address the constraints placed on circuit design by the limited number of well characterized promoters at our disposal, and their respective transcription factors. Our device is a hybrid system composed of two parts: Transcriptional Activator-Like (TAL) effectors which can be engineered to bind to and repress any sequence of interest and riboswitches that can respond to any inducer molecule due to their engineerable and modular aptamer binding domains.

We also designed and implemented a Biobrick characterization database called The Depot to promote sharing and openness in iGEM.