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Future Work

The ultimate goal of our project is to construct transdermal antigen patched expressing in situ. It can express transdermal antigen, adjuvant indicating when to use and detach by reporter system and kill switch, which devastates the whole colony at the right moment to be environment-friendly.

Therefore, our future work includes´╝Ü
1.Explore the optimal conditions for Pht43 to express in WB800N to reduce the area of patches and enhance the average medicine production per unit area;
2.Broaden the categories our vaccines, enhance the universality and accessibility of our transdermal immune methodology and find out the standard protocol for industrial production;
3.Cooperated with Professor WenLongping, the discoverer of TD1 to further better TD1 or search for other novel and excellent transdermal medium molecules;
4.Select sequential strong promoters as soon as possible to fulfill the automatic expression;
5.Better reporter system further to visualize every stage;
6.Verify the practicability of our novel killing factor, instructed by our mathematical model.