• We completed the registration for iGEM 2013.
  • We completed the iGEM 2013 judging form.
  • We completed the Oncoli iGEM team 2013 wiki.
  • We presented a poster and a talk for our project at the European 2013 iGEM Jamboree.
  • We added and documented new parts, click here to view our parts in the registry.


  • We experimentally validated that our new parts work as expected.
  • We documented the characterization of our parts, on the “Main Page” of its Entry in the Biobrick Registry.
  • We submitted new parts, to the Biobrick Registry.
  • Our main implication was on the safety of not only our project but most of the other European iGEM teams. We read each teams' abstracts and sent them questions regarding the Safety of their modules such as the Grenoble-EMSE-LSU and METU-Turkey.


  • We helped AUC-Turkey High School Team by mentoring and training them in their project including experiments, human practice and designing their parts.
  • We worked to evolve a new approach to scientific research and reasoning called SynPhilo. Science cannot only remain in the boundaries of quantified results but can form a bridge with Philosophical thinking. We organised o conference for 200 people in which they were enlightened on the behaviour of cancer and how we humans are actually similar to it. Through acknowledging its actions we may be able to make the right decisions in our daily lives. SynArt was also another approach of ours where we looked at cancer and Synthetic Biology from an artistic view. This involved collaborating with teams such as Imperial and UCL in which they sent us their paintings and writings for the exhibition in our university and Jamboree.