• We collaborated with AUC Turkey and NGSS high school iGEM team and exchanged lab equipment.
  • We contributed our suggestions on Purdue University‚Äôs survey.
  • We collaborated with Freiburg team they sent us the PET 22 and PET 45 vectors.
  • We collaborated with Imperial College, UCL, Edinburgh and York iGEM teams for our SynArt exhibition by inviting them to submit their artworks regarding Synthetic Biology or project. To view them click here.
  • We collaborated with ITU-Mobgam and METU-Turkey iGEM teams by presenting our project and watching theirs, commenting on it as well as holding a discussion panel on how to spread Synthetic Biology.
  • We exchanged ideas with SDU Denmark, iGEM TU/e, NRP-UEA-Norwich on human practice activities and what we comprehend from the new rule: novel approach.
  • We collaborated with the teams METU-Turkey and Grenoble-EMSE-LSU by asking them safety questions regarding their projects. Their answers are on the SynSafe page of our wiki.