Atoms Turkiye designed a 100 meter squared floor game which involves two players, one being a cancer cell and the other a normal cell. Each player travels to different organs via the blood vessels to complete different activities. The aim of this game is for the players to en visage what it’s like to be a normal cell or a cancer cell. The cancer cell player, despite having more opportunities and advantages, faces more challenges compared to the latter. The starting point of the game is the heart, each player is asked questions involving general knowledge and if they give the correct answer they begin to take steps towards their choice of organ. Once completing the activities in the organs, they both return to the heart in order to travel to another organ. However if the player is a cancer cell then it has the opportunity of doing metastasis. The cancer cells aim is to dislocate the organs found in a human body maquette whilst the normal cell tries to locate the organs on a other maquette. The way they do this is by completing every activity successfully.

Oncoli-game-f1.jpg Oncoli-game-f2.jpg Oncoli-game-f3.jpg Oncoli-game-f4.jpg