The ATOMS Turkiye team is a group of 12 medical students. Our team’s page will enable you to find out information on each member of the team who has taken part and contributed to oncoli. We would like to acknowledge our advisors who have assisted us throughout the project. We would also like to thank everyone else who have helped us throughout the project, such as helping us organise the SynPhilo conference and SynArt exhibition. Their helps have been invaluable and have made enormous changes during the project durations. We would also like to state that all work and data presented on this wiki was undergone by us unless stated otherwise.

Abdulkerim Ayparçası

I am a student at turgut ozal university and have some experience doing research. I discovered that new approaches in medicine can be taken using the principles of synthetic biology. Such approaches are evident in our iGEM project,as we have tried to address an age old medical problem in an innovative yet resonable way. My interests are related to the use of alternative treatments to diseases.During my free-time I like reading, cooking, swimming and playing tennis.

Nur Nihal Baltaci

Hey my name is Nur Nihal Baltaci, I currently am studying the second year of medicine in Turgut Ozal University. I call bacteria and proteins my children since we have grown very fond of each other within the past 3-4 months. Synthetic Biology and its infinite possibilities just simply intrigues me. Every morning I wake up with an increasing lust to learn more and experiment.

Aysenur Toygar

My name is Aysenur Toygar and as you can suspect I am one of the second year medical students too! My team mates call me the coincubation girl. I feel special for being a part of this team as well as the iGEM community. Working on a project in iGEM has been a powerful food to fill my hunger of knowledge on researching and experimenting.

Taha Akcay

Hi my name is Taha Akcay and I’m no different to any of my team mates in terms of medicine. I can proudly say that I am a pro in transforming bacteria as it has been one of my most abundant occupancies besides doing experiments such as immunoflorescence colouring.

Safa Tapan

Hi I’m called Safa Tapan and am a second year medical student. Synthetic Biology fascinates me and constantly arises questions which remain in my head to be answered. For this reason, each day in iGEM has enabled me to go on a journey of searching for answers. I enjoy working in the laboratory and doing western blot. IGEM has been the right choice for me as I often can’t keep myself seated for long!

Fatih Karabacak

My name is Fatih Karabacak and I am from Konya. Just like non other I am medical student too! But guess which year? Of course two!. I feel privileged to be a part of this team and have had great time in the lab doing experiments such as SDS-PAGE.

Fethi Onal

Hi, I am Fethi Onal. This is my second year in Turgut Ozal University of medicine. As a medical student I am very excited for participating in the iGEM competition. Despite it being tiring, I really enjoyed working in the lab during the summer and doing experiments.

Furkan Bestepe

Hi! I’m Furkan. My friends and my professors call me Furkeinstein. I’m youngest member of my team. This iGEM 2013 is my first iGEM but I attended iGEM HS twice as a student before. I’m a freshmen medical school student and finally my slogan from Nikola Tesla is “Our virtues and flaws cannot be separated just like power and matter. If they are separated human is nothing.”

Mustafa Semih Elitok

Hello! I’m Mustafa. My purpose of being a member of ATOMS Turkiye team is be with my dear friends. I am a 4th year medicine student and I’m oldest and most experienced members of this team. I enjoy finding connections between medical processes and social life. Finally I want to say that if you try to look more deeply, you can recognize some metaphor in life.

Omer Bilgic

Hi, my name is Omer. I am a second year medicine student who really likes listening to piano melodies that make me relax. I often use some words or idioms that’s from my own town Konya. These words have eventually become popular around my friends. So I want to finish this text with ‘iGEM Cok Hos La!” that means ‘iGEM is amazing’.

Busra Nur Aydin

Hi I am Busra. I am 3rd year medicine student who really enjoys to photoshop and designing. I have designed the posters and logos present on our iGEM wiki. My friends think I am very talented in Photoshop. If I am good at designing, my secret is “Be basic be elegant”.

Mikail Dogan

Hello! My name is Mikail. I am 2nd year student in med school. It is a fact that a student that study in field of science have to think analytically because of the lessons. But I believe that that turns a human to robot. So a person sometimes just look around maybe the nature and should see creature’s beauty. I think that makes us human.

Esin Demir

Hi, I’m Esin. I am the advisor of this team and I am Master student in Medical Genetic Department. I know I am the head of this team but I saw my team members as friend. Because I believe be close and sincere to your team members is best way to organize people and to be a team.


Esra Gunduz

Hello everyone! My name is Esra. I’m an Associate Professor of Medical Genetics. This is my fifth year back in Turkey after staying twelve years in Japan. I mainly work on Cancer Genetics and more specifically on Tumor Suppressor Genes. I enjoy being with my students and working with them together. iGEM competition has provided us to become closer. I think we share a lot scientifically, socially and friendly together with my students. I also like speaking Japanese and cooking

Mehmet Gunduz

Hello everyone. My name is Mehmet Gunduz. I’m an otolaryngologist and a medical geneticist. I can’t give up any of my subjects because I like them all; both working as a surgeon, clinician and researcher. My hobby is working hard. I like to use the every second of life and I say ‘never give up’.

Omer Faruk Hatipoglu

Hi my name is Omer. I am one of the iGEM advisors who has moved to Turkey from Japan. It feels great to help our iGEM team in particular with Western Blotting. I wish them luck.

Muradiye Acar

Being one of the advisors of iGEM has been a great experience. I have enjoyed working with them and helping them through their difficulties. I wish the best for Atoms Turkiye.

Esin Demir

Hi, I’m Esin. I am the advisor of this team and at the same time a Master student in the medical Genetics Department of our university. Despite knowing that I am the head of this team, I have seen my team members as friends. I believe that being close and sincere to your team members is best way to organize people and to be a team.

Gokhan Nas

I graduated from Bilkent University in molecular biology and genetics department and mastering in medical genetics, particularly cancer genetics in Turgut Ozal University. I’m interested in new approaches to this field including synthetic biology and have helped the ATOMS Turkiye team with vector experiments.

Burak Yilmaz

I have graduated from Middle East Technical University. Currently I am working at Turgut Ozal University and am advising Atoms Turkiye iGEM team.

Aslihan Ogretici

Hi, my name is Aslihan Ogretici and I am a second year medical student of Turgut Ozal University. Igem, being a door to the world of Synthetic Biology and research has not only pulled me into an adventurous yet stressing journey but has also enabled me to form a deep connection with my university too. I have gained so much experience in every aspect from simply holding a pipette to the techniques of western blotting. I thank iGEM for giving us this opportunity and cannot wait for the jamboree!