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Phage Purification May - June Notebook: May 1 - May 12 Daily Log

Phage Purification

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Today we created a detailed tentative plan to follow for the rest of the semester. We went through the protein purification procedure to figure out the times that each step would take.


We created an Excel sheet to calculate the amounts of each reagent for the phage purification experiment we will be running on Monday. This will allow for quick and easy calculations of reagents needed each time we run the experiment.


Today we created fresh bacteria to work with
5.5 Bacteria Cultures, 25 mL
In the results, W3110 failed to grow, so the experiment will have to be repeated.
We also centrifuged bacterial lysate infected with phage in order to store the phage for future use.
5.6 Phage From Lysate
We are waiting on materials to begin running the phage purification experiments.


New liquid cultures of both W3110 and BL21 were created following the steps in 5.8 Bacteria Cultures, 25 mL
After 1 hour of growth, BL 21 had T7 phage added to allow 48 hours infection time.
5.8 Infect With Phage


We made a W3110 liquid culture
5.10 Bacteria Cultures, 25 mL
We emailed Dr. McCleary on ultracentrifuge training.

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