Biosafety Form

Basic Safety Questions for iGEM 2013

  • 1. Please describe the chassis organism(s) you will be using for this project. If you will be using more than one chassis organism, provide information on each of them:

Table of the chassis organisms we use for our project.

  • 2. Highest Risk Group Listed:
    • The highest risk group is one.

  • 3. List and describe all new or modified coding regions you will be using in your project.

Table of the coding regions we use in our project.

  • 4. Do the biological materials used in your lab work pose any of the following risks? Please describe.
    • a. Risks to the safety and health of team members or others working in the lab?
      • see 1)

    • b. Risks to the safety and health of the general public, if released by design or by accident?
      • No. All our strains are based on E. coli K12.

    • c. Risks to the environment, if released by design or by accident?
      • No. All our strains are based on E. coli K12.

    • d. Risks to security through malicious misuse by individuals, groups, or countries?
      • No. All our strains are based on E. coli K12. All the genes that are introduced are not suited for malicious misuse.

  • 5. If your project moved from a small-scale lab study to become widely used as commercial/industrial product, what new risks might arise? Also, what risks might arise if the knowledge you generate or the methods you develop became widely available?
    • If our system become widely used as a commercial/industrial product there doesn't arise new risks. It is only for producing electricity so this scenario has just positive consequences.

  • 6. Does your project include any design features to address safety risks?
    • Yes it includes a kill switch and an especially safe auxotrophic chassis.

  • 7. What safety training have you received (or plan to receive in the future)? Provide a brief description, and a link to your institution’s safety training requirements, if available.
    • All the members of our team received instructions by Mr. Dr. Jörn Kalinowski according to German lab safety regulations including working with biological genetically engineered materials.

Safety forms were approved on October 2nd, 2013 by the iGEM Safety Committee.