The Team

The iGEM-Team Bielefeld 2013: Fabian, Thorben, Anna, Matthias, Sebastian, Nadiya, Tore, Manuel, Tom, Lukas


Lukas Rositzka


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology
Motivation: iGEM - for me as a student a unique and exciting opportunity to be part of a team of young and dedicated scientists beyond the confines of university seminars and to design, implement and present a joint project in synthetic biology.

Sebastian Grenz


Studies: Genome-based Systems Biology, Master
Motivation: I'm interested in working in an autonomously organized team and in developing a very own project from the planning stage through to successful completion. Synthetic biology offers, due to its modular structure, numerous opportunities for exciting projects. iGEM is considered the most prestigious competition in the field of life sciences and enables contact and competition with teams from around the world.

Tom Tubessing


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology, Bachelor
Motivation: The rapid development in the field of synthetic biology fascinates me over and over again. I am convinced, that the insights gained int this field could - if used responsibly - benefit everyone. I am participating in the iGEM competition with our team to implement own ideas an develope new Applications in this young scientific field.

Manuel Schüler


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology, Master
Motivation: iGEM ​​is a unique opportunity beside of the study to gain new skills and develop existing skills. From the idea to the product team members decide how they structure their project themselves and make the necessary decisions independently. It is a prestigious competition in the life sciences, which also accounts for the attraction at this high level to conduct research and to compete with international teams.

Matthias Ruwe


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology, Master
Motivation: I see iGEM as a huge opportunity to gain experience in many areas. What excites me particularly is to work as a team on a separate project, to fully implement the ideas up to the presentation of the results and to work in areas such as human practices or public relations. I'm also fascinated that it is still allowed in this competition, or even desired, to implement unusual ideas and thereby realizing possibly great developments.

Thorben Meyer


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology, Bachelor
Motivation: For me, iGEM is about being creativ on a nanobiotechnological/engineering level and working application-oriented. So that we are able to give smart and plain answers to complex problems.

Tore Bleckwehl


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology, Bachelor
Motivation: I am interested in iGEM, because of the challenge to develop new metabolic pathways and to reprogram biological systems by the intelligence combination of BioBricks. Apart I like the opportunity to develop and improve the own ideas in the team.

Fabian Thomas


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology, Bachelor
Motivation:I particularly love the fact that it is possible to use microscopic life to improve our macroscopic world. Due to their enormous variety, microorganisms may be involved, for example, in the analysis, production and degradation of pollutants on a wide range of subject areas. I like the interdisciplinarity and the enormous range of possibilities offered by synthetic biology.

Anna Korszanska


Studies: Genome-based Systems Biology, Master
Motivation: iGEM is a good introduction to scientific work for me. I get to know many exciting methods in synthetic biology and work my way into new fields and topics of natural science.

Nadiya Romanova


Studies: Molecular Biotechnology, Master
Motivation: I strive to understand life using the tools of synthetic biology. iGEM ​​offers a unique opportunity to develop organisms with novel properties.


Nils & Timo

Nils Lübke
Timo Wolf

We are guided by two graduate advisers, Timo Wolf and Nils Lübke, who were members of previous Bielefeld iGEM-Teams. They were team members in 2010 and 2011 and now helping us with their experience and knowledge.

Jörn & Christian

Dr. Jörn Kalinowski
Dr. Christian Rückert

We are also actively supported by professors and lecturers, namly Dr. Jörn Kalinowski (member of the executive committee from CeBiTec and Head of Research Group Microbial Genomics and Biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Alfred Pühler (Senior Research Professor at CebiTec at Bielefeld University), Prof. Dr. Erwin Flaschel (holds the Chair of Fermentation Engineering at the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University) and Dr. Christian Rückert (Postdoc at Research Group Microbial Genomics and Biotechnology