Advisor: Robin Dowell D.Sc

The Dowell Lab focuses on developing informative, mechanistic models that unravel biologically meaningful information from a few individuals and limited reference information. We leverage comparative information to better understand both the diverse roles that non-coding transcripts play within the cell and the impact of variation on phenotype between closely related individuals.

Graduate Student Advisor: Joe Rokicki

Joe earned a BSE in Electrical Engineering at Princeton in 2008. He became involved in iGEM as a member of the 2007 Edinburgh iGEM team (self flavoring yogurt). He went on to volunteer as staff at the iGEM jamboree @ MIT in 2009 and 2010. In 2011 he started the first iGEM team at CU-Boulder where he is currently in his 5th year in the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology doctoral program.

Graduate Student Advisor: Mike Brasino

Michael Brasino is a graduate student in the newly formed materials science program and a past student on the 2011 Washington iGEM team. Michael is new to Boulder, having moved from San Diego only a year ago.

Graduate Student Advisor: Rebecca Zabinsky
Graduate Student Advisor: Tim Read
Graduate Student Advisor: Jennifer Avena
Graduate Student Advisor: Alex Stemm-Wolf
Graduate Student Advisor: Steele Reynolds
Graduate Student Advisor: Isaac Godfroy
Phil Jensen

Phil is in the process of completing his senior year of the undergraduate program at CU-Boulder, majoring in Chemical Engineering with additional minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. He became a first time father in April of 2013, and enjoys spending time with the family. Other hobbies include, hiking, camping, fishing, and watching his hometown Seahawks make their way to the Super Bowl!

Contact: or

William Heymann

Bill is in his senior year at CU-Boulder and is majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering and will graduate in May 2014. Bill has run a database design company for the last 10 years and recently returned to school to change careers. He enjoys reading, playing video games, sci-fi movies and journal articles.


Bill's Resume

Elijah Lovelace

Eli is a senior double majoring in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. His interest are in cell biology, nutritional biology and bioinformatics. In his free time, Eli enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, fly fishing and playing guitar. After graduation Eli hopes to go to law school and become a patent attorney in the biotech field. Eli is looking forward to watching Peyton Manning and Broncos win the Super Bowl. (Definitely not the Seahawks)


Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah is a junior in the MCDB program at CU Boulder with an interest in both oncogenic research and scientific education. When she’s not in the lab, Sarah can be found “nerding” it up with old Farscape reruns or wasting countless hours yelling at Payday 2. She can be contacted at:

Josephina Hendrix

Josephina is a sophomore in the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology program at CU Boulder. She works in the Dowell lab and is interested in methods of gene regulation, chromatin structuring, and synthetic biology. She enjoys photography and writing in her spare time.

Raleigh Ems
JF Lalonde

Jean-Francois Lalonde, a.k.a. JF, is a senior undergraduate student at CU Boulder doing a double major in Neuroscience and MCDB. He volunteers in the Shen Lab, which conducts research on insulin-mediated vesicle fusion, and works at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). In his spare time he enjoys climbing, hiking, and off-roading, as well as watching Breaking Bad and reading The Kingkiller Chronicle.

Isra Sharnez