Experiment 1.1 - Chemical Transformation Efficiency
This experiment was designed to test several parameters of our transformation protocol to determine ways of increasing our transformation efficiency.
Experiment 2.1 - Competent Cell Efficiency
In this experiment we determined the relative efficiency of three different batches of competent cells; one prepared using a protocol supplied by our advisor, Alex, and the other two prepared according to the iGEM protocol.
Experiment 2.2 - Transformation Recovery Period
We tested the effect of varying the recovery period of our transformation protocol on transformation efficiency.
Experiment 2.3 - Transformation Recovery Medium
In this experiment we tried using different types and volumes of growth media during the recovery phase of our transformation protocol to see which worked the best.
Experiment 3.1 - Promega Miniprep Protocol
Several parameter of the Promega miniprep protocol were varied in this experiment to investigate their effect on DNA recovery.
Experiment 5.1 - Calculating Competent Cell Efficiency
We calculated the efficiency of our competent cells using iGEM's transformation efficiency kit.
Experiment 6.1 - Competent Cell Efficiency
This experiment was conducted to compare the relative efficiency of a new batch of competent cells to our original supply.
Experiment 6.2 - Gel Separation of Proteins Methods
In this experiment we tested different ways to separate RFP with an agarose gel.
Experiment 10.1 - Preliminary Homemade Miniprep Buffer Experiment
This experiment tests the effectiveness of each of our homemade miniprep buffers individually within the Qiagen miniprep system.
Experiment 11.1 - Mini-column Recycling Protocol
This experiment was conducted to test whether our mini-column recycling protocol was truly effective at removing residual DNA from used miniprep mini-columns.
Experiment 11.2 - Homemade vs. Qiagen Miniprep Buffers
Here we tested our homemade miniprep buffers against the commercial Qiagen buffers as a complete set.
Experiment 11.3 - Mini-column Recycling Protocol Pt. II
This experiment was designed to compare the effectiveness of recycled mini-columns to new mini-columns.
Experiment 12.1 - Calculating Competent Cell Efficiency
Here we tested the efficiency of our most recent batch of competent cells using iGEM's tranformation efficiency kit.
Experiment 14.1 - Gel Separation of Proteins
In this experiment we tested how effective separating AmilCP from RFP was on an agarose gel.
Experiment 15.1 - Protein Purification Using RTX
This experiment tested the efficacy of RTX as a protein purification method.