CU Boulder Basic Safety Form

Safety forms were approved on 9/20/13 by Julie McNamara and David Lloyd.

Safety Considerations

Our project focused on protein purification methods via color tagging and precipitation methods along with information on how to create your own miniprep supplies. None of these are dangerous components on their own. Anyone can purchase kits for protein separation without needing a special license. In bioengineering it is normally places like IDT that screen for dangerous DNA sequences and nothing we did will change that.

We have made protein purification simpler and easier to do along with costing less so if someone already has a dangerous DNA sequence they could use our methods to purify the proteins. However, they could also just get a commercial protein separation kit without troubles.

Overall our methods are really only useful in a university or DIY setting. The yields are too low for commercial applications and not useful for any hostile groups compared to using a simple commercial kit.