Here is a summary of all the parts we submitted this year. Details and characterization data for each can be found on the respective parts.

  • We improved two TALE proteins from the Slovenia 2012 iGEM team and submitted them in an inducible system (LacI) with a His-6 tag such that they can be easily expressed and purified. We also submitted binding sequences for these, both in separate plasmids, and on the same plasmid.
  • We also designed two of our own TALEs (TALE A and TALE B) to bind to pathogenic E. coli genomic sequences.
  • We submitted the E-coils and K-coils which can be used as connectors for scaffolding proteins that cannot be fused together. We submitted these coils in the Friedburg assembly backbone such that other teams can easily create fusion proteins with them.
  • We submitted two new reporters: beta-lactamase and ferritin to the registry. We also submitted these with 6-His tags in an inducible system (LacI) such that they are easy to express and isolate.
  • We submitted our fusions of: TALE A with beta-lactamase and TALE A with ferritin in order to have detector-reporter constructs.
Our Parts

Figure 1. Diagrams of all the BioBrick constructs that our team built and submitted to the Parts Registry over the summer. Click the numbers in the chart below to learn more!

<groupparts>iGEM013 Calgary</groupparts>