Sharing with our Community

This year our team had the opportunity to participate in several outreach activities both within our city and across our province. Being an Albertan team, it was easy to get people talking about the beef industry and the continual risk of E. coli outbreaks. In addition to talking to experts in the beef industry though, we wanted to carry our dialogue out into the community, to your everyday beef-consumer here in Alberta. Through our outreach activities, we got the opportunity to do just that. In addition to some new actvities such as our participation in Beakerhead, we were also able to continue to build some of the community relationships that we started last year, by continuing our work with the Telus Spark Centre and Genome Alberta.

With our ongoing collaboration with the Calgary Telus Spark Centre, we were able to interface with over 200 Calgarians who got to do some hands on science at our station. At Beakerhead, we got to be part of a five day science and technology festival right in the downtown core of Calgary. We got to showcase some of our work to industry and academia through continued collaboration with Genome Alberta. Finally, we ventured out of Calgary to Consort Alberta where we mentored their first ever high school iGEM team who took the prize for best human practices at the High school jamboree last spring. To find about more about some of these events, follow the links below.