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All BioBricks, besides those detailed below, were made and characterised solely by the undergraduate students themselves.

We would like to particularly thank:

Lina Gasiūnaitė for:

-Design of BioBricks: BBa_K1122001; BBa_K1122003; BBa_K1122004; BBa_K1122005; BBa_K1122006; BBa_K1122007; BBa_K1122008; BBa_K1122009; BBa_K1122010; BBa_K1122011; BBa_K1122012;

-Creation and characterisation of BioBricks: BBa_K1122001 and BBa_K1122003 to BBa_K1122008;

-BioBricks BBa_K1122001 and BBa_K1122003 to BBa_K1122008 were submitted as part of Edinburgh iGEM 2013 entry and were used for creation of Fur box assemblies which aimed to test iron induced repression of gene expression;

-General help and guidance on the use of GenBrick assembly.

Dr Chris French for:

-For general help and advice on both scientifical and philosophical aspects of our project;

-For provision of space to perform laboratory work;

-For help with management of team matters.

Moreover, we would like to thank:

Justinas Šlikas for:

-Day-to-day management of team business;

-Organisation and coordination of work performed.

Dr David S. Radford for:

-Guidance on the use of B. subtilis as a model organism;

-Help in designing the growth/toxicity experiments;

-Instructions and help with the B. subtilis transformations.

-Help with the SDS-PAGE experiments

Eugene Fletcher for:

-General help in the laboratory;

-Supervision during weekend work;

-Guidance on how to develop our project.

Dr Jon Marles-Wrigt for:

-Support and guidance throughout the project;

-Insight into the function and structure of fusion proteins.

Yuhua (Linda) Hu for:

-All the advice she has given us;

-And for being here for us as we are finishing the Wiki.

Dr Jane Calvert and Dr Emma Frow for:

-Help with the human practices.

Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris for:

- Help with the mathematical modelling.

- Help with uploading contents to the wiki.

Prof. Alistair Elfick for:

- Advice on the engineering aspects of the project.

Prof. Vincent Danos for:

-Advice on the construction of the whole cell model.

Dominik Bucher

-'Thank you so much!' - Christiana

Reka Nagy

-Thanks for the support.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge:

Dr Maryia Trubitsyna

Dr Louise Horsfall

And our Mums