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We aided in their development of an NRPS database by submitting metal binding NRPS parts which we had done some work with. We also helped their modelling by testing their NRPS designer. This allowed us to put out NRPS data to use whilst also helping in Heidelburg's development of their software.



We collaborated with the Stanford-Brown team on Bacillus subtilis protocols and in trying to design a vector. This is also a potential collaboration for future work we did not have time to finish.



They helped us in the mathematical aspect of our modelling when we were having problems with oscillations when solving a differential-algebraic system of equations. We worked together on implementing different implicit and explicit methods.

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The Newcastle team helped us with our modelling by finding for us some parameters about the Bacillus subtillis metabolism from the literature.

From our side, we participated in a skype conference between the Newcastle team and our team. In this meeting, our Human practices advisors and ourselves helped the Newcastle team with their Human Prectices. While they are investigating creating a bacillus without a cell well, we discussed the possible dangers and advantages of releasing these cells into the environment. We also gave them ideas for possible analogues between synthetic biology and architecture.


Paris Bettencourt:

We completed a survey for them regarding different motives for participating in iGEM.