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Xiong Le

It is my honour to be the group leader of HZAU-2013iGEM team. My major is biotechnology. The first question I start to concern is the famous question “what is life”. I hope I will have a good understanding of this question. Synthetic biology may play an important role in solving this big question. I am also interested in physics. I want to know the framework of the world. The best motto for me is that Sky, earth and human beings are three kind of genius. (in Chinese天地人乃三才) it reflects the confidence of our human beings.

Li Yunchuan

Li yunchuan a member of HZAU-IGEM2013 team , in charge of the express of Rabies virus ERA glycoprotein (G) gene.Running,table tennis,reading.

Zhang Shaowei

Several months ago, I even know nothing about the IGEM, but now, in a few days, we will go for Hong Kong and take part in it. Our team worked the whole vacation to make our design come true and I believe we can make it. In our team, I am mainly responsible for the experiment. Sometimes, it seems to be very easy to do the experiment, but it really doesn’t like what it seem to be. I have to say we have been though a tough vacation. However ,at the same time ,we all learned a lot.

Zou Xianlin

Looking at me, be careful that I will fascinate you! Aha, well, in real earnest, I’m just pursuing something from my soul in life sciences and technology college of HZAU! Enormously glorious for me to pay my passion on the biology field. There is nothing quite like spending my last remaining dollar on the project I believe in, so just do it without any concern.Best wishes for my team, and of course for you!

If you have any provoking thought, I think maybe we can have an exchange. It's my E-mail that

Bai Tao

I'm a freshman, major in Biological Sciences; AIDS, Cancer and structural biology are my research interests, I hope I will conquer a incurable disease in my lifetime. Besides, I’m crazy about quantum mechanics and M-theory; I have my own view on the universe and life evolution; I love Kungfu,Martial Art. Heal the world is not only my favorite song, but also is my belief. If you have the same character with me, so call me maybe? or

Tan Xin

My name is Tanxin.I’m an ordinary girl from HZAU-CHINA.My major is bioengineering.Being a freshman,equipped with a little knowledge about biology,I became a team member of iGEM,my fantasy about biology is not just an illusion any more.Lab things have always been fascinating to me,and I believe this experience will be awesome!

Wu Wei

“Ideas worth spreading” is one idea that I like. I was so excited when I come up with the “Moving Vaccine Factory”. I want to share with other, this is a pleasant experience. I want to get more experience like this, so if you have interesting idea, please share with me.


Chen Jing

My major is Biology Engineering, I come from Hubei province .I like sports very much, as well as music. I dream I can be a splendid pharmacist one day~I am a student of HZAU!

Yang Mian

Member of HZAU-2013iGEM team, Teams of tech savvy enthusiasts, Music Westlife Jedward, Pc games Need For Speed. Be Smile! Be Happy! Be young! Be proud! Be dope.............

Luo Xudong

Hello, I'm a student of bioinformatics. I deal with data everyday and you can call me data excavator. I search data in a variety of literature all day. However, my hobbies are very much, like different kinds of sports, cycling, dancing, photography, tourism and so on. I like to do some challenging things, maybe it's crazy, but I enjoy it very much. So, if you want to do some crazy things, call me.

Tian Liu

major in informatics,college of life science and technology

It is an accident for me to take part in the iGEM competition. The first time I heard the iGEM is in May at this year. I knew nothing about synthetic biology but felt it interesting when I searched it on internet. So I decided to join the team with knowing nothing at all. Gradually, I found the competition is filled with fun. We fight for a common goal and enjoy it.

I am a travel fan and like to seek the world on my bike. I took this photo at the ancient city wall in JingZhou. The biology is also a old subject but the longer the new. It leads me to find the world and enjoy the beauty, so does my bike. After touching with the synthetic biology and the iGEM, I found we have the chance to change the world. Wait for the collision of ideas in the Jamboree.


Ding Linfeng

Hi,I am Ding Linfeng,major in bioinformatics,college of life science and technology. My favorite subject is computer.So,I become a technical designer of our team wiki.I have learned a little before about how to make a simple web.It is aslo difficult to make a beautiful and useful web.I learn many new things about it.It is a great choice for student to know what they can do and find more friends from all over the world!

Liu Chang

Hi, I'm Changchang, the art designer of our team wiki. I’m a sophomore in life sciences and technology college of HZAU. What I do in the team is what I’m skilled in, because a big part of my spare time is contributed to design works; I’m before an art editor working for our student magazine. This is the first time I create designs for websites, I feel kind of new, and our group learned a lot in the webpage design. As you can see the cute carton figures showed in this wiki, that’s my favorite achievement!

Zhang Peijing

major in bioinformatics,college of life science and technology

Hi,I am Zhang Peijing,the technical designer of our team wiki. Though I am learning to use wiki for only two months, after this period of time, I knew something about it. All the codes in our wiki are my hard working. Besides wiki, I also train the experimental operation. Joining IGEM is an extremely right choice,I learn a lot in it and open an international perspective, which is a challenge and an unusual experience for me. I hope I could participate in it next year.


Hong Ping

Ping Hong is a core member of the HZAU-China and the leader of the Modeling.She is major in Biotechnology.Her pet phrase is that I’m lacking in data and what’s the data of your experiment.

Yi Jian

I am an undergraduate in HZAU. My major is Bioinformation. Science is my favorite subject.Sometimes I like reading scientific fiction and watching scientific film .From them,I can get much wonderful thought.Because of Science, I am called attracted-boy by my friends .I cannot appreciate the appellation any more.