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The innovation of HZAU-iGEM Team

The 2013 HZAU-iGEM project idea mainly comes from team member Wei Wu, The following is his description of the inspiration for this innovation. “I hope we can find a bacteria carried by dogs that can produce antigen to induce the immunity of dogs after being genetic modified”, Wei Wu said to us at the moment. This was the preliminary idea. After paper research, he could not find suitable bacteria. Then he started to consider insects carried by dogs. Whether can the bacteria be transformed to dogs by the insect carried by dogs? Mosquito was the first choice at the beginning. But it can fly everywhere besides biting dogs and the mechanisms of vomiting is not suitable for our design. Compared to mosquito, fleas may be much better. On one hand, fleas always live in animals such as dogs and cats. On the other hand, the way of transformation of bacteria through flea to animals has been widely researched and is more suitable for our idea. For the sake of safety, another team member ShaoWei Zhang suggested the additional use of the Antimicrobial Peptides. Then we call the idea “safe moving vaccine factory”.